Association Wins State and National Awards

Association Wins State and National Awards


Imagine the excitement a decade ago when the Glen Lake Association learned it was the recipient of, not one but two, prestigious environmental awards. The first came in 2008 when the Michigan Lake and Stream Association presented the GLA with their Michigan Inland Lake Steward of the Year award.  

“The Glen Lake Association is head and shoulders above other groups in the state,” said assistant director, Scott Brown, during the presentation. “We congratulate Glen Lake for bringing riparian owners up to speed in regards to ecological processes, issues and needs…we look to the GLA as the association that sets the pace for leadership.”

The second honor came a few years later on the Federal level when GLA was one of four recipients nationally of the 2011 National Fish Habitat Award. Bestowed by the National Fish Habitat Action Plan, GLA was recognized as a grassroots organization of over 500 individual and business members. They work to protect and improve the Glen Lake/ Crystal River Watershed, a Michigan gem recognized as an “interim priority watershed” in the Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership Strategic Plan. 

Through numerous outreach and education campaigns, the GLA protects the Glen Lake watershed from aquatic invasive species, physical habitat degradation, and water quality impairment, while promoting aesthetic and recreational enjoyment by riparian owners and the public.

Then GLA president, Andy DuPont, acknowledged the hard work by many dedicated individuals to make our association stand out over so many others in our state and country. GLA created and maintained a wide range of very positive programs to make sure our water resources are protected now and in the future.

Additional programs, studies and initiatives aimed at protecting ground and surface water continue to drive GLA’s preservation efforts today, backed by a supportive community and membership, plus our hardworking volunteers and staff.