GLA Fun Facts

GLA Fun Facts

Aug 6, 1969 – It was decided at the GLA Annual Meeting to look into the cost of a radar unit for
donation to the Sheriff’s Dept due to excessive speeds by motorists on M22.

April 13, 1977 is the first mention of a sticker for members.

May 10, 1978 – Board member, Beth Downing, suggests GLA name a membership committee.

July 19, 1978 – Sarah Johnson reports that the only insecticide that can be used effectively for
Water Itch is copper sulfate. It is no longer used to curtail Swimmer’s Itch on most northern

July 23, 1979 – Annual Meeting attendees honored volunteer, Sarah Johnson, on her 90th
Birthday and for her 30 years of service on the board. She is still the Water Itch Chairperson.

July 28, 1980 — Annual Treasurer’s report shows the GLA balance to date of $7,010.00. Dues
collected amounted to $1,014 and Water itch donations totaled $4,006.

July 28, 1980 — Motion is made to offer a contract to hire Rob Karner, a field biologist and teacher at The Leelanau School,  for $2,000. Passed!

April 12, 1983 — Board met with Ron Reimick, assistant to Dr. Curtis Blankenspoor, researching
Swimmer’s Itch. Dr. Blankenspoor has left for Africa and Ron is taking over the Swimmer’s Itch

June 10, 1983 — All board meetings opened with a prayer.

November 2000 – Representing the GLA, then President Herb Kramps became a member/
collaborator of the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council. Gail Gruenwald was then Executive
director…and still holds that position.

Special Thanks to the GLA 75th Anniversary Committee:
From left to right are Ginny Rockwood, Sallyanne Morris, Susie Haley, Lori Lyman, Larry
Faulman, David Haughn and Susan Haughn. Not shown are Tricia Denton and Pat Vredevoogd Combs.