GLA Communicates Through Newsletters

GLA Communicates Through Newsletters

This Association communicates! For a number of years after its founding in 1945, GLA’s early communication efforts were made through letters and relying on newspapers for spreading their news, such as The Leelanau Tribune, Suttons Bay Courier and the oldest published newspaper in the county, The Leelanau Enterprise. The initial introduction of an actual printed newsletter to communicate to Glen Lake Association members appeared around 1968. By 1970, 47 families received a newsletter.

Currently over 700 people receive the increasingly sophisticated newsletter, which generally is published three times a year. In addition to GLA members and local township officers, complimentary copies have also been shared with others who have had some connection and interest with the association. Newsletters have been sent to winter addresses of members all over the country during the off-season. News of the myriad of activities undertaken by the GLA to protect the Glen Lake/ Crystal River Watershed is highlighted in each issue. The current GLA president gives an update of the Association’s efforts. Additional articles covering programs and research from GLA’s watershed biologist such as progress on water quality testing, water levels and Swimmer’s Itch.

Annual meeting dates and topics, road safety updates, lists of board/committee members, updates on the Hatlem pond dredge and dam operations, plus watershed management and protection plan updates to name a few. Awards and recognition of GLA members who have positively affected the health of our water are also shared. Graphs and pictures specific to topics help illustrate the information for readers.

For over 50 years, the “Alligator and Inspiration” newsletter — as it’s been called for several decades now —  clearly motivates GLA members to continue to support the GLA mission of protection and preservation of the water, while helping attract new members. Those who have spent their time putting the newsletters together, and there have been many over the years, are greatly appreciated!

If you would like to see the names of these amazing volunteers and staffers, the archived newsletters can be found here, the most recent editions can be found here,