The Creation of GLA

The Creation of GLA


The Glen Lake Association was initially formed in July 1945, with the first meeting held at the Glen Arbor gym on Aug 16, 1945. About 150 residents of the Glen Lake area attended, expressing great interest at the formation of this new association. Many felt that such an organization had been needed for a long time.


As this meeting was for organizational purposes, Arthur Huey, director of Leelanau Schools, was temporary chairman. Mr. Huey outlined the purposes of the GLA and presented the by-laws to the group for examination. The by-laws were then adopted by a majority vote and seven directors were nominated and elected to serve two-year terms.

The directors were:
W.W. Charters – President
Arthur S. Huey – Vice President
Frederick W. Dickinson – Secretary & Treasurer

Committee chairs elected for one-year terms included:
Jay L. Hench
Chester J. Clark
Cal Cheney
George Johnson

President Charters then took over the meeting and 7 active committees were created.

  • Water Level Committee – to maintain the level established by Judge Gilbert.
  • The Committee on Fishing – to stimulate and cooperate with the State Conservation Commission, so that fishing facilities in the lake are adequate for residents and sportsmen.
  • The Committee on Refuse and Garbage Collection – to make arrangements for regular collections.
  • The Poison Ivy Committee – to collect information about the eradication of the pests along certain sections of the lake shore.
  • The Fire Protection Committee – to educate residents about fire protection and to discover methods of lowering fire insurance rates.
  • The Zoning Committee – to inform property owners about the advantages and disadvantages of zoning.
  • The Cottage Listing Committee – to provide information centers for residents about cottages which may be available for rent.

Forty-seven family memberships were secured at the first meeting and 25 were added by May 1948.
An invitation to join the Glen Lake Association was sent to residents on May 18, 1948 inviting them to join and send their $2.00 membership fee to Mrs. Aileen C. House, Maple City, MI.