Water Levels

Water Levels

The Water Level Committee monitors the lake and river levels and reports the results to the association and other interested parties and uses the readings to make adjustments to the Crystal River Dam.

The dam assists in maintaining appropriate levels for the lake and flows in the river. These adjustments are made in concert with a Water Sharing Management Plan established and approved by Circuit Court direction.

The committee consists of both Glen Lake riparians and Crystal River riparians. You can find a Water Level Basics tutorial and updated reports on our Water Level Reports page.

Icy lakeIf you, as a riparian, have problems with water level: high or low; ice out issues, you are requested to report such problems to the committee, by clicking here to Report Problems, and following the directions there.

Your assistance is critical if we are to ensure development of the optimum plan for all lake and river riparians.

Committee members regularly take water level readings. These readings are taken at the narrows bridge utilizing a system established by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The Water Level Committee also takes regular readings both above and below the dam to ensure compliance with the Water Sharing Management Plan.

The Crystal River Dam is controlled by the Glen Lake Association’s Water Level Committee and was rebuilt in 2002 with funding from the Glen Lake Association.

Please note there are two gates to the dam on the river — the North Gate and the South Gate. Both gates can be adjusted independently to achieve desired results. The dam operation has been handled by the GLA for over 50 years.

Graphs and Statistics

Lake Level


River Flow

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