The Glen Lake area of Leelanau County in northwest lower Michigan is one of our country’s most beautiful and distinctive natural resources. The spectacular lakes, streams, river and surrounding hillsides are part of the Glen Lake–Crystal River Watershed.

The Glen Lake Association (GLA) has been dedicated to protecting, preserving and caring for this natural treasure for over 75 years.

Making sure the Glen Lake area remains beautiful in the future requires careful stewardship to maintain this extraordinary natural resource; it continues to be the association’s primary goal…

Mission Statement

The Glen Lake Association is dedicated to preserve and protect the water quality, natural resources, and quality of life in the Glen Lake Watershed through leadership, education, and collaboration.
“It’s All About The Water.”

Vision Statement

The Glen Lake Association aims to be the recognized leader in evidence-based strategies for protecting the Glen Lake Watershed while advancing environmental education, sustainable policies, and quality of life.

Operating Guidelines

  1. The board at its August organizational meeting shall review the GLA Mission statement and the activities* listed in Section 3 of the BYLAWS Specific Purposes and Activities. GLA’s focus in the watershed includes both ground and surface waters.
  2. Non-administrative activities not listed in Section 3 of the by-laws may be authorized by the board. These activities should have the overwhelming support of the membership and not be so controversial as to split the membership.
  3. At any time, a board member may ask for a vote to confirm whether an existing or proposed non-administrative activity is in the best interest of the membership. Such activity should have the support of 75% of the board for it to be initiated or continued.
  4. GLA’s range of involvement for an activity can vary, e.g. education, leadership, financial support, etc. Each activity shall be defined before voting.

*Activities listed in Section 3 of the by-laws are summarized below:

  • promote improvement of and engage in the scientific testing of water quality with in the watershed;
  • publish/disseminate/provide educational information on water quality resulting from the tests; prevention and control of pollution and protection of the environment and natural resources;
  • sponsor  programs to mitigate swimmer’s itch and any other irritating afflictions;
  • promote programs of water and boating safety;
  • operate and maintain the Crystal River dam;
  • monitor existing and proposed policies, laws and regulations which affect the GLA mission and advise/consult with appropriate entities, in accordance with federal law as it applies to tax exempt organizations;
  • cooperate and consult with relevant government and community organizations on matters pertaining to the GLA mission.
  • Click here to view Bylaws PDF
  • Click here to view Watershed Map PDF
  • Financial Statement is available upon request. Please email glenlakeassociation@gmail.com

A bit about our logo

The Glen Lake Association, since its beginning, has been about the business of protecting and preserving Glen Lake now and for future generations. Our logo, with elements of the sun, earth, plants, sky, water, and the responsibility of us to hold the future of our water quality in our hands (symbolic), represents the full nature of our mission as we head into the future.

GLA logo 2016 RGB

The sun (the yellow circle) is where it all begins and where all life is possible. The sun’s energy and warmth are what makes Glen Lake work. The earth (the color brown) reminds us that what happens on land affects the water. A large percentage of the water that comes into our lakes comes from the ground water in the form of springs, brooks, and creeks. And all that ground water has to be filtered by the soils in our watershed. In short, if we pollute the soils, we pollute our ground water that in turn, pollute the lakes.

The sky or air  (light blue) also represent an important part of how we protect our watershed knowing that rain and snow collect whatever is in the air and deposit it into the water. So again, when we pollute the air, it can pollute the water through all forms of precipitation.

Finally, the base of our logo, the beautiful water (turquoise) is what makes Glen Lake so amazingly attractive to the human eye. The water has been shaped like a hand with the fingers forming water drops and the sloping palm and grasses representing the ever-changing dunes and vegetation.  Each drop of water is precious and how we protect the water is largely in our hands. We want to protect the water “drop by drop,” which is the connection between our association logo and the Glen Lake Guardian logo.

The story of the Glen Lake Association today and in the distant future is much about protecting and preserving the water but it is more than that. We believe that our new logo mirrors the association’s efforts to broaden our umbrella of protecting and preserving not only the water (“It’s all about the water”), but it is including the entire watershed as well.