The Glen Lake Association has 14 committees run by volunteers and volunteer chairs who oversee multiple areas of our nonprofit organization. Please click a + sign below to learn more about individual committees.

If you are interested in participating in any of the committees, or have suggestions for them, please call Tricia Denton at 231-313-0359 and leave a message, email us or drop us a line at P.O. Box 551 Glen Arbor, MI 49636.

The Auxiliary Committee provides the people power to do the mailing of the GLA newsletter and other correspondence, and provides assistance to other committees when addition people power is required to complete necessary tasks.

Chair: Vic Peirce

The Communications Committee educates members and the general public about watershed management issues and practices through its newsletter, website, informational brochures, press releases, newspaper and radio interviews, email blasts, informal gatherings and the annual association meeting.

Chairs: Lori Lyman and Tom Dutmers

The Development Committee is responsible for establishing and managing fund raising activities that support the GLA mission and goals.

Chair: Stan Kryder

The Finance and Investment Committee obtains annual budget requests from other committees and submits a consolidated annual budget to the Association’s Board of Directors for its approval. The committee also makes recommendations to the board on investment policy, required insurance coverage and the selection of independent auditors. Finally, the Committee reviews monthly financial statements and the results of the annual audit.

Chair: Rick Fink

This committee is responsible for distribution of boating and water safety pamphlets, monitoring fishing issues, working with the state’s Department of Natural Resources on wildlife within the watershed, and working with local conservation officers to reduce illegal taking of game and fish.

Chairs: Tricia Denton and Jen St Julian

The Guardian program educates and advocates protecting Glen Lake/ Crystal River Watershed by engaging in best management practices. Guardians voluntarily pledge to protect, and share their advocacy with others.

Our lakes, river, groundwater and watershed are precious and — as landowners, lakefront property owners, community residents and visitors — we all have a responsibility to protect them now and in the future.

Chair: Kris Fishman

The history committee collects, organizes and stores the records of the Glen Lake Association. If you have any old pictures, meeting minutes, newsletters or other information about the Glen Lake Association, please contact us.

Chairs:  Mike Litch- Aquatic/Diane Kraus- Terrestrial

The invasive species committee runs the boat wash program at the Michigan DNR boat launch to help rid boats of anything that might hurt our lake, whether it’s plant or animal. We also monitor our water are shorelines to guard against species that include coltsfoot, the spiney water flea, the round goby, Eurasian watermilfoil, starry stonewort and hydrilla.

Chair: Jim Dutmers

This committee works to influence the long-term development of the Glen Lake area to protect, preserve, and improve it. We work with townships, Leelanau County, the National Park Service and other public and private organizations as required to achieve this objective.

Co-chairs: Corinne Cochran

The Membership and Records Committee handles membership renewals and solicitation of new members. Approximately half of the local riparians currently belong to the association. One need not be a riparian to belong, however.

Chairs: Dave Cheny and Corinne Cochran

The Nominating Committee chooses candidates for vacancies on the Board of Directors. All members are eligible. Instructions are mailed to all members in the summer and petitions must be received by July 15.

Chair: Bill Witler

The Technology Committee is responsible for effective use of technology across all committees within the GLA.

Chair: Cal Killen

The Water Level Committee monitors the lake and river levels and reports the results to the association and other interested parties and uses the readings to make adjustments to the Crystal River Dam.

Chairs: Andy Dupont and Rob Karner

The Water Quality Committee monitors all the water and shores of Big and Little Glen Lakes, Big and Little Fisher, Brooks Lake and the Crystal River. We collect hundreds of water quality measurements each year so we can track changes and diagnose problems. Our Swimmer’s Itch program helps educate swimmers on how to prevent itch. Part of our job is to inform and educate residents and visitors how to protect our watershed via the Glen Lake Guardian program.

If you would like to get involved and help, please contact Andy DuPont, or Rob Karner.