Glen Lake Guardian FAQs

Glen Lake Guardian FAQs

Why is this program important?

The Glen Lake watershed will continue to be stressed due to increased tourism, destruction of greenbelts, more full-time residents, spread of tree diseases, introduction of more invasive species, and the increased use of chemicals in our day-to-day lives. The adoption of best practices within the watershed will help preserve the quality of our water both now and for future generations.

Mallards on Crystal RiverDo I have to join the Guardian Program?

No, the program is optional but everyone in the watershed is encouraged to join.

Who is eligible to join the program?

Anyone within the Glen Lake/ Crystal River watershed area can join (property owner, business, or regular visitor). You don’t have to live on the water or be a GLA member. Let us know if you have someone who wants to join and did not receive a notification of our program. Only one pledge per family or establishment is required.

Is there an expiration to my Guardian status?

No, but you will be encouraged to continue with and add new best practices.

Guardian Final (tm) logoIf I join the program, do I need to display the Guardian decal?

No, but you are encouraged to do so to demonstrate your commitment to best practices within the watershed and encourage others to adopt them. Displaying it in a highly visible spot, like a car bumper or back window, will encourage others to ask about the program and, hopefully, join.

Which items do I select on the pledge form?

Select all items that you already practice (and will continue to practice) and any items that you will start.

Who will determine if I complete my best practice commitments?

The program assumes Guardians complete the action plans they selected. There will be no third-party reviews or questions asked; it’s all the honor system.

Will the names of participants in the program be made public?

Yes, the names of Guardians participating in the program will be made public UNLESS the participant asks that we not publish their name. There’s a checkbox on the pledge sheet if you wish to remain anonymous.

How will you measure the success of the program?

Success of the program will be measured in several ways including number of participants, tabulation of activities participants commit to doing, and attendance at seminars sponsored by the program. And, of course, the health of our watershed will be the best measure.

Crystal River MarinaWho came up with the idea for this program?

The program is based upon a similar program developed by the Lake Charlevoix Association. It’s been modified to meet our specific needs and objectives. There is significant interest by other lake associations and the Michigan Lake and Stream Associations is promoting these programs statewide.

Who affirms this program?

The program has been affirmed by Leelanau Clean Water, made up of the following water protecting organizations and agencies:  Leelanau Conservancy, Leelanau County lake associations, Lake Charlevoix Association, Benzie-Leelanau District Health Department, Leelanau County Conservation District, Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, Grand Traverse Watershed Council, Leelanau County Drain Commissioner, Inland Seas Educational Association, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Glen Lake Yacht Club, Glen Arbor Township, Empire Township, Cleveland Township and Leelanau County Planning Department.

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