Our Lakes & Rivers Videos

The lakes and rivers literally form the lifeblood of our community. In addition to offering incredible beauty and recreational opportunities, they provide vital habitat for native plants and animals. In Our Lakes & Rivers Videos below, learn about the geological history of Glen Lake, the types of aquatic plants and animal species found in our lakes and rivers, and more.

Conversations About Conservation and Climate

Watershed Biologist, Rob Karner, talks about his role and how climate change is affecting Big Glen

Restoring the Crystal River

Learn about replacing culverts with bridges on the Crystal River

Hatlem Creek

Learn how rain events affect Hatlem Creek

The Geology of Glen Lake

Learn how Glen Lake was formed geologically over time

Snails and Clams of Glen Lake

Learn about the many species of clams and snails inhabiting our waters

Microscopic Life in Glen Lake

Laura Wiesen explains how to use a plankton net to sample microscopic life in the water

Aquatic Plant Survey Work

Watershed Biologist, Rob Karner, shares important facts about our aquatic plants

The Fish of Glen Lake

Learn about the fascinating species of fish living in Glen Lake

The Amazing World of Aquatic Plants in Glen Lake

GLA experts explain the amazing world of aquatic (submerged) plants in Glen Lake

Sunken Boat in Little Glen

Take a journey back in time with this up close underwater tour of a sunken fishing boat located in the western basin of Little Glen Lake.

Learn more about the lakes and rivers within the Glen Lake/Crystal River Watershed.