Watershed Protection Videos

A healthy watershed is critical to the health and vitality of our lakes and rivers. That’s why the Glen Lake Association is committed to protecting and preserving the Glen Lake/Crystal River Watershed through education, collaboration, and action. In the Watershed Protection Videos, learn what an overlay district is and why it’s an essential tool for long-term watershed protection.

Overlay District – A Gift for the Future

GLA staff member, Laura Wiesen, talks about the long-term benefits of an Overlay District

The Importance of Watershed Protection

A panel of speakers discusses watershed protection

Protecting the Watershed using Zoning

Watch this zoom meeting discussing local government’s role in water protection

Watershed Protection 101

Learn the basics of watershed health, what makes the Glen Lake/Crystal River Watershed special, and how to protect it in the long run

Empire TWP Planning Commission

Watch a recorded zoom call regarding the Overlay District

Learn more about the Glen Lake Association’s work to protect and preserve the Glen Lake/Crystal River Watershed.