09 Nov

Overlay Districts Aim to Protect Property Value

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Hatlem Creek in Fall
Photo courtesy of Ranae Ihme
In the spirit of preserving property rights and property values in the Glen Lake/ Crystal River Watershed, the argument could easily shift to the close connection between property values and water quality. Without high water quality, property values would decline.  
In addition to education about how each resident in our watershed can protect our surface and ground water, supplemental zoning can work together with existing zoning to guide future development and protect our water.
A 16-member Watershed Protection Task Force with representatives from all four townships in our watershed is proposing supplemental zoning to protect the future of our water. They strongly believe that the “Overlay District” proposal strikes a balance between effective enforceable water protection without being an over reach on personal property rights.  
You be the judge- read the plan here.
We hope you will agree and if you feel compelled, contact your township and let them know you support the Overlay District approach to protect your property value and further preserve and protect our water.

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