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GLA is on a North American, Award-Winning Team

Education, News December 13, 2018 No Response

Exciting news! The Michigan Shoreland Stewards program has been awarded the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS) Award for Leadership and Service in Community Education and Outreach. 

This award recognizes Glen Lake Association and other neighboring lake associations for design, facilitation, and performance of exceptional education and outreach activity that promotes community understanding, protection, preservation, and appreciation for our lakes, rivers, and streams.

This program was made possible over the past two years by a great deal of hard work and the financial assistance of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and many lake associations in northwest lower Michigan, including the GLA. 
“Ambassadors” for the program were identified by local lake associations to participate in assisting the MISSP in developing and testing training, education and outreach for the program. The GLA’s early work on stewardship initiatives was one of the models used for the development of this programThe hiring last spring of GLA Guardian Ambassador Tricia Denton is just one more example of the GLA’s continued commitment to being at the forefront of water protection efforts. Tricia will continue to catalyze riparians to engage with the Michigan Shoreland Survey, Glen Lake Guardian pledges and additional education outreach to ensure a bright future for protecting and preserving water quality on and in our Glen Lake/Crystal River Watershed.

Having an national, award-winning program ready for you to use is just one more reason to engage with the 40 question survey on the Michigan Shoreland Stewards website. By registering and completing the Michigan Shoreland Stewards survey you will automatically receive customized educational information tailored to your property along with detailed recommendations for improving your “lake friendly” status. Find out more by going to this website

And thank you- it’s all about the water!

The Annual Fall Overturn on Big Glen

Education, News December 10, 2018 No Response


It was recently reported that the water in Big Glen appeared more “cloudy and foamy.”  The question is why does the Big Glen look less desirable in the fall than in the summer when the water is more clear? 
The answer is the lake has “flipped.” During the summer, Big Glen thermally stratifies creating a layered cake like arrangement with warm water at the surface sealing off the cooler bottom water (hypolimnion). Much of the phosphorous present in the lake is sequestered at the bottom of Big Glen and is separated from the upper sunlit and warmer water at the top. As air temperatures drop in the fall and the upper water cools,the now cooler and therefore more dense/heavier water sinks,forcing phosphorus at the bottom to go to the top.

This “flipping” or “turning over” of the water column allows phosphorous to become available to plants such as algae. This boost of available nutrients is the driving force for algal blooms that makes the water more cloudy. Once the algae are done “blooming” the algal cells die and the wind channels the decomposing algae into foamy water that washes up on shore in the fall. Guess what comes next? Winter.

For more information on this natural phenomenon click here.

Clean Water Talk Inspires Students, New Guardians

Education, News December 6, 2018 No Response


The recent  “Clean Water: What Can I Do?” talk by GLA Guardian Ambassador, Tricia Denton was well attended. Held at Glen Lake Community Library, topics included: current GLA water protection programs; wastewater treatment challenges and nutrient loading of surface water. We’re thrilled to report that five Leelanau School students took our GLA Stewardship Checklist with them to evaluate their school’s stewardship of 2,000 feet of Crystal River frontage.

Also, 20 attendees became new Guardians after participating!