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Planned Giving

The Legend program is your opportunity to preserve and protect the Glen Lake/Crystal River Watershed for generations to come. “Legends” are individuals who have chosen to provide for the long-term financial support of the Glen Lake Association in their will or estate plan. When you become a Legend, you embrace the mantle of watershed stewardship into the future. This future support of watershed protection is perhaps the best assurance of the lakes and river’s continued health. Your generosity will help sustain the Glen Lake Association’s state-of-the-art research and award-winning water protection programs in perpetuity. 

north shore of big glen lake

How Do I Become A Legend?

There are a variety of planned giving options for becoming a Legend and providing for the future of Glen Lake and its watershed. Planned gifts may be made by designating the Glen Lake Association or one of its funds as a beneficiary of: 

  •  A will
  •  An insurance policy
  •  A trust arrangement
  •  An IRA or retirement plan

Legends receive special recognition

When you become a Legend, your gift will be gratefully acknowledged with: 

  •  A custom topographic clock featuring the Glen Lake/Crystal River Watershed
  •  Recognition in written Glen Lake Association communications
  •  An annual invitation to a private gathering with our Board of Directors, watershed scientist and other staff
Glen Lake Legends group photo 2022

We are always available to answer your questions by phone or by email

 How Will My Legend Gift Be Used?

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Legends may designate a gift to one of the following funds:

The General Fund

The General Fund is an unrestricted fund which is managed by the Glen Lake Association. This fund is used to support ongoing operating expenditures of the organization.

The Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund is independently managed by professional investment advisors through the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation (“GTRCF”). Each year, the GTRCF gives a grant to the Glen Lake Association equal to 4% of the Endowment Fund’s value. The Endowment Fund’s principal is held by GTRCF and is not available to the Glen Lake Association.

The Watershed Protection Fund

The Watershed Protection Fund is a restricted fund managed by the Glen Lake Association. The fund’s principal is prudently invested in a blend of equity and fixed income securities and is available only for special water quality initiatives or watershed emergencies. However, 4% of the Watershed Protection Fund’s value is transferred annually to the General Fund to support ongoing operations.

Next Steps to become a legend

We highly recommend that you have an attorney prepare or review your estate planning  documents.

If you have questions or would like to let us know of your intention to include the Glen Lake Association in your estate plan, please use the form below and select “Planned Giving” from the subject list.

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Legend Stories

Read what current Legends have to say about why they chose support the Glen Lake Association through planned giving

Pat & Cheryl Barry

Pat and Cheryl Barry - Glen Lake Legends

“I have loved Glen Lake since my parents first brought me here in 1953,” writes Pat. “My four siblings, their families, and the extended family – upwards of 50 people – continue to gather here annually. When I introduced Cheryl to the area some 15 years later, she fell in love as well. Our children, Jeff and Rebecca, grew up summering here, and the tradition continues with our grandchildren.  Glen Lake becomes one with your soul.  We cannot imagine life without it and know that our family tradition will continue long into the future. 

We enormously appreciate all that the Glen Lake Association does to keep the lake beautiful. By being Legends, we are pleased to provide future support for the outstanding work of the Association. We take comfort that this work will enable people to enjoy our beloved Glen Lake for decades and decades to come.”

Vik & Sue Theiss

“Susan and I are so grateful to have had the opportunity to reside on Glen Lake every summer and more for the last 30+ years.  During that time, we have come to understand how fragile and threatened its ecology is, and the important difference the Glen Lake Association is making in defending against these threats.  

We are pleased to be able to do our part in helping to maintain this momentum going forward, so that all will have the same opportunity that we have had to enjoy an unblemished and healthy ecosystem in the most special place on earth.”

Legends of Glen Lake Vik and Susan Theiss

Join Our Current Legends

Bruce & Christie Alton

Peter Anderson

Sumner & Irene Bagby

Patrick & Cheryl Barry

Denny & Carole Becker

Bob & Julie Berlacher

Greg & Sue Besio

Robert & Felicia Bloom

Bob & T Boles

Brian & Mary Campbell

Dave & Cara Cassard

Richard & Carolyn Chormann

Carl & Polly DeFaria

James & Sharon Doyle

Jim & Susan Dutmers

Tom & Monica Dutmers

Paul & Mary Finnegan

Ken & Kris Fishman

Jeff & Diane Hamilton

David Hayes

Jane Haley

John & Carrie Haley

Peter & Barb Haley

David & Susan Haughn

David & Maureen Herr

John & Carolyn Hoagland

Jeff & Susan Carver Janata

Gary & Christine Johnson

Robert & Barbara Karner

Thomas & Marilyn Klingaman

Charles & Joanne Knight

Joan Kramps

Joe & Sue Lake

Edward & Cameron Lanphier

Bruce & Ann Lichliter

Bill & Susanne Meserve

Charles & Sara Ofenloch

Carl & Jackie Oleson

John Peppler

Denis & Martha Pierce

John & Ginny Rockwood

Dick & Barbara Schilling

Vik & Sue Theiss

Tim & Sue Unger

Bill & Rita Witler

Thank you for your continued support of our work!