Become a Legend

Become a Legend

Individuals who include the Glen Lake Association or its Endowment Fund in their estate plan will be known as Glen Lake Association “Legends.” Legends are recognized for their support at the annual meeting every August and are listed in the GLA newsletter.

Please contact one of the Development Committee chairs if interested or contact the GLA office at 231.334.7645 for information, or the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation, 231 935.4066, with your questions.

THANK YOU for supporting the Glen Lake Association, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Current Glen Lake Association “Legends”

  • Bruce and Christie Alton
  • Sumner and Irene Bagby
  • Patrick and Cheryl Barry
  • Denny and Carole Becker
  • Bob and T Boles
  • David and Cara Cassard
  • Richard and Carolyn Chormann
  • James and Sharon Doyle
  • Jim and Susan Dutmers
  • Tom and Monica Dutmers
  • David and Maureen Herr
  • John and Carolyn Hoagland
  • Rob and Barbara Karner
  • Gary and Christine Peppler Johnson
  • Joan Kramps
  • Thomas and Marilyn Klingaman
  • Joe and Sue Lake
  • Michael and Lori Lyman
  • Bill and Susanne Meserve
  • Charles and Sara Ofenloch
  • John Peppler
  • Charles Patton
  • Richard Schilling
  • Bill and Rita Witler

Bill Witler has been coming to Glen Lake since 1951. “We have to ensure the quality of the lake, the water and the watershed that we’ve enjoyed in our generation will continue for future generations,” he said. “With the right financial support, the Glen Lake Association will continue to be the guardian of the watershed.”