Lake-Friendly Products

Many commonly used household cleaners, chemicals, and pesticides can find their way into our lakes and streams. They enter the water through septic systems or directly via stormwater runoff. By using lake-friendly products, you can help protect the Glen Lake/Crystal River Watershed. 


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LAKE-Friendly Product Alternatives

Consider the following alternatives to commonly used household products in order to keep harmful chemicals from entering the water.


Use the lake-friendly alternatives list below when shopping!

Commonly Used Products and Their LAKE-Friendly Alternatives



Chlorine bleach Hydrogen peroxide
Drain cleaner 2 cups boiling water and/or Baking soda (1/2 c.) followed by vinegar
Bathroom cleaners Baking soda, borax
Toilet cleaner Vinegar, salt & water
Baking soda & water
Disinfectant 1/2 c. borax in 1 gal. water
Lime Away Vinegar
Scouring powders Baking soda
Rug cleaners Club soda & sprinkle with cornstarch, then vacuum
Floor cleaner Mop with 1 c. vinegar in 2 gal. water
Furniture polish 1 part lemon juice with 2 parts vegitable oil
Copper cleaner Dip side of lemon in salt, rub
Oven cleaner Salt and scrub
Wipe with ammonia & let stand overnight, scrub with baking soda
Porcelain cleaner Make paste of baking soda and water, apply & let stand, rub clean & rinse
Silver polish Soak in 1 qt. warm water & 1 tsp. baking soda & 1 tsp. salt, and piece of aluminum foil or in aluminum pan
Stainless steel cleaner 1 qt. water & 1 tbls. baking soda, rinse in hot water
Floor cleaner 1 c. vinegar in 2 gal. water
Window cleaner 1/2 c. vinegar & 1 gal. warm water, use newspapers to dry glass
Ant traps or pesticide for inside ants Sprinkle thick line of borax around foundation
Flee repellent Rosemary on pet bed
Moth balls Lavender or cedar chips in small bags
Wood preservative Water based wood preservatives
Fungicide Avoid watering in the vening and over watering
House plan insecticide A few drops of soap & water, spray on leaves, rinse
Pesticides Insecticidal soap
Herbicides Weeding and hoeing, corn herbicide
Snail and slug killer Shallow pan with stale beer

Refuse, Reuse, AND Recycle

Take action to help protect our lakes and streams by properly disposing of household chemicals and their containers. Learn more by clicking the link below: 

Best Practices for household products

  • Recycle all that you can! Recycling facilities are located in Empire and at the Leelanau School
  • Use refillable containers of shampoo, laundry soap, hand soap, and dish soap
  • Bring reusable bags and containers for your purchases when you shop
  • Buy local produce to preserve rural landscapes
  • Choose lake-friendly products when possible
  • Compost garbage and apply it to your garden
  • Compost yard waste
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