Playing on the Water

Yours to enjoy, yours to protect! 

Lake-friendly living isn’t just for those who live on the shores of Glen Lake or the banks of the Crystal River. Millions of people from near and far visit the Glen Arbor area each year and can enjoy “playing on the water” while protecting it too! Whether you’re here to boat, fish, swim, or vacation, we encourage you to learn how to help keep the water clean and healthy. 

water skiing on glen lake

“It’s all about the water!”

How do you enjoy playing on the water?

Follow the links below for more information on Boating, Fishing, Swimming, and Vacationing on the water. The Glen Lake Association is available to answer your questions about protecting this valuable natural resource.


Help prevent invasive species like Eurasian Watermilfoil!

A host of invasive species threatens the health of our water, and they often arrive via watercraft. Your boat (and even your paddleboard!) can carry invasive specieson the hull, in the engine or jet drive, and on equipment such as wakeboards or bait boxes. Thanks to our boat wash program, the Glen Lake/Crystal River Watershed remains free from invasive species plaguing nearby waters. What can you do to help keep it this way? Follow the 4 tips for lake-friendly boating below!


  • Wash Your Watercraft.  Use the free BOAT WASH at the public launch on Little Glen to put ALL watercraft into the lake—including boats, jet skis, kayaks, and paddle boards.
  • Find the Right Spot. Use our INTERACTIVE MAP to learn the best spot to launch your boat, find a restroom, or swim.
  • Protect the Water. If you love the water, BECOME A GUARDIAN by taking the “pledge to protect” it today!


Help us sustain healthy fish stocks!

Playing on the water also includes fishing. Did you know that Little Glen is regarded as a premier inland perch fishery and that Hatlem Creek and the Crystal River are designated trout streams? Our watershed has a long and diverse stocking history that goes back over 100 years. Learn more about the types of fish that may be found throughout the Glen Lake/Crystal River Watershed and how you can help us sustain healthy fish populations.



Help avoid the itch!

Swimming on the water is great exercise and fun, but it could lead to a skin irritation known as “swimmer’s itch”. But don’t despair—you can reduce your risk of swimmer’s itch with a few simple precautions!


Learn how you can protect the water!

Vacationing and playing on the water go hand in hand.  While visiting the beautiful Glen Lake area, you can make a positive impact on the water quality. There are many ways to be “lake friendly” which will help keep the river and lakes clean and healthy until your next visit! 

help protect the water while you vacation

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