Boat wash

The boat wash, operated by the Glen Lake Association on the north shore of Little Glen Lake, is the first line of defense in battling the presence of invasive species within the watershed. Invasive species are detrimental to the lake’s ecosystem and esthetic appeal, and can be costly and impossible to eradicate. Please help us protect the water by washing your boat, jet ski, kayak, paddle board, or canoe each time before you launch it. 

Did you know…

Invasive species, such as Eurasian Water milfoil are most likely to enter Glen Lake as “hitchhikers” on watercraft or trailers. How so? Once a boat has been pulled out of a lake, water from that lake remains in the watercraft – in the hull, within the motor’s cooling system, and inside of bait boxes. If your boat operates in an infested body of water, it can later carry eggs and larvae of zebra mussels, or Eurasian Water milfoil seed or fragment into the next lake you choose to enjoy, such as Glen Lake!

The heated pressure wash station at the launch site also kills VHS (Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia) – a viral fish disease.

Boat Wash Operation

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The Glen Lake Association operates a free, heated and powered boat wash station at the Day Forest Road boat launch site. This is the ONLY boat wash within the entire Glen Lake-Crystal River Watershed. 

Boat Wash Location

7075 W. Day Forest Rd., just west of M22

Operating Hours

6 am – 7 pm

Dates of Operation

May-September, 7 days a week

October, Friday-Sunday, 7-3pm

Since its inception in 1996, this free service has eliminated contaminates from watercraft and associated equipment, as well as educated the public about how to keep our water clean and healthy. 

Ensuring your boat, waterski’s, wake boards, fishing pole lines (water flea) or PWC is cleaned and inspected prior to entering Glen Lake is the most effective method of protecting against destructive invasive species – both plant and animal. Our boat wash program makes it easy for you to do your part to protect the water!

Protect the watershed.

“Wash It Before you Launch It!”

Boat Wash FAQs

boat wash and launch on glen lake
  •  More than 4,200 boats came through the Glen Lake boat wash station in 2021
  •  Boats come to the Glen Lake area from all over the U.S., including Hawaii! 
  •  An American Fisheries Society study which inspected 85 boats entering upper Michigan and northern Wisconsin lakes found that 19% had one or more plant fragments attached. The same study found that 63% of boats leaving the lakes carried plant fragments out with them 
  •  This study also showed that high pressure washing reduced the number of aquatic plants and small bodied organisms on the watercraft hulls by 83% and 91%, respectively

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