Boat Wash

Boat Wash

The boat wash at the Little Glen DNR boat launch has a heated power wash system.

In a study by the American Fisheries Society 944 boaters were surveyed, 459 interviews conducted, and 85 boats inspected when entering and leaving two lakes in upper Michigan and northern Wisconsin. In this study it was found that two-thirds of boaters DO NOT inspect and clean their boat before entering another body of water. It was found that 19 percent of the boats entering the lake carried one or more plant fragments and 63 percent of those leaving the lake had plant fragments attached.

High pressure washing reduced the number of aquatic plants by 83 percent and small bodied organisms by 91 percent.

The study concluded that: Educational efforts need to be augmented with staffed cleaning stations placed at strategic locations with enforcement and fines for non-compliance.

The Glen Lake Association is going one step further in using a heated power wash.


To kill VHS, Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia, which is an extremely serious viral disease of fresh and saltwater fish, the water temperature needs to be 104 degrees. VHS is now in all of the Great Lakes and in several of Michigan’s inland lakes. Zebra and Quagga Mussels can only tolerate temperatures between 33° and 86°F.

There have also been reports of Starry Stonewart and Fanwort in southeast Michigan lakes. These are two invasive aquatic plants that can be killed by a pressurized, heated boat wash. Please use it and make sure your guests do too.