Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Glen Lake Association. Did you know that our organization only has a handful of part-time employees? Volunteers are the backbone of our watershed protection efforts, and we’re grateful for each and every one of them. Read below about what inspired other volunteers to get involved. We hope you’ll want to join us too! Your time and talents are greatly needed to ensure the health of the watershed.

You can make a difference!

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volunteer opportunities

Whether you’re interested in collecting water samples or serving on a committee or as a board member, there are many ways to help. Consider one of the opportunities listed below, or let us know how else you might be able to make a difference.

  •  Join a committee
  •  Serve on our board of directors
  •  Help with water quality monitoring
  •  Take photographs for our website or social media pages
  •  Host a prospective/new member or neighborhood event
  •  Write for our blog or social media pages
  •  Help keep our website up to date
  •  Send thank you notes to donors
  •  And more!

Volunteer Stories



Mike has been dedicated to the GLA’s mission since he retired and became a permanent resident of Glen Arbor. His many, many contributions are too many to list here, but highlights include:  over 15 years of sampling and testing the water, leading in the establishment and fundraising of the boat wash program, assisting with water level monitoring and dam operations, championing local ordinances to protect the water, and 12 years serving on the GLA board. Mike’s legacy of volunteerism efforts is priceless and will leave a lasting impact on the health of the watershed. Thank you, Mike!  

Rob Meyer on a boat with his dog, a volunteer for GLA

“Volunteering to me isn’t work…it’s enjoyable! I love getting to fraternize with others and to experience the beauty of the water and environment up close.

I am convinced that my volunteer involvement and just ‘doing the work’ has made me a better watershed steward. It has led me to want to protect the watershed’s beautiful and unique environment, and it has taught me how to do so!  Experience gained from helping monitor the lake with our watershed biologist, Rob Karner, has greatly enhanced my water quality knowledge.

Volunteer work has helped guide and shape the Glen Lake Association over the years, and I believe it is what will protect these resources as we go forward. It is what will assure that our watershed continues to be one of the most exceptional beauties in the state of Michigan.”


Rob has been volunteering with the Glen Lake Association since 2019 when he began serving on the Water Level Committee, helping to monitor lake levels and river flow. Rob also plays an active role in the Association’s water quality efforts by taking water clarity measurements, testing chlorophyll a and phosphorus levels, and helping our watershed scientist monitor for aquatic invasive species on Little Glen. Thank you, Rob, for your dedication to the mission of the GLA!

Rob Meyer on a boat with his dog, a volunteer for GLA
“My wife Judy and I moved to Glen Lake full-time in 2018, roughly 30 years after falling hopelessly in love with the lake on our first visit. We realize that keeping Glen Lake spectacularly beautiful doesn’t happen by accident, and it’s my honor to play a role as a GLA volunteer helping to protect and preserve the lake as the uniquely awesome resource that it is.”


Volunteering for the Glen Lake Association is a family affair for Bill and his wife, Susanne, who are both past board members. Even though he’s no longer on the board, Bill continues to make an enormous contribution to watershed protection by playing an active role on a number of Association committees including: the Water Level Committee, the Water Quality Committee, the Technical Committee, and the Technology Committee. In addition, Bill chairs the Invasive Aquatic Plant Survey group. We are very grateful for Bill’s continued service to the GLA and to a healthy watershed! 

Bill Meserve a volunteer with the Glen Lake Association
“Susanne and I have lived on Big Glen since 2003, but I have been visiting the family cottage all my life.  My grandfather bought property from Dunns Farm about 100 years ago.  So, I feel that using best practices on our property and volunteering to protect our lake is just natural.” 

How DO I Become A Volunteer?

To become a volunteer, contact us using the form below, or call our office at (231) 334-7645. We look forward to hearing from you!

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