Proper septic system use and routine care are vital to protecting health, preserving our highly valued groundwater, lakes, streams, and waterways, and avoiding costly repairs from neglect.

Having our septic systems inspected is one of the most important things we can do to protect our water. Learn how your septic system can impact nearby water sources:

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Remember to have your system inspected!

Maintenance saves us money! Maintaining our septic systems benefits owners, too!

Malfunctioning systems can cost $3,000-$7,000 to repair or replace compared to maintenance costs of about $250-$500 every three to five years.

It protects the value of your home. Malfunctioning septic systems can drastically reduce property values, hamper the sale of your home, and even pose a legal liability.

How often should my septic system be inspected? Homeowners should generally have their system inspected every three years by a qualified professional or according to their state or local health department’s recommendations. Septic Systems should be pumped when necessary, typically every three to five years.