27 Sep

Swimmer’s Itch Plan Update

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This video was made at The Leelanau School during the Michigan Swimmer’s Itch Partnership conference.  The interview is between Rob Karner, Watershed Biologist, and Ron Reimink of SiCon, LLC. This video highlights the recommendations of SiCon to the Glen Lake Association for the next 8-10 months as it relates to what steps should be taken to reduce swimmer’s itch. Ron Reimink is the world’s leading researcher with respect to Common Mergansers and live trapping them off lakes that have swimmer’s itch. Watch and learn about this important topic for the Glen Lake Association members.

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  1. Rob Karner

    September 27, 2016 at 2:21 pm

    Such a complex life cycle and an array of environmental factors that cause this problem to wax and wane from summer to summer and from shoreline to shoreline.


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