30 Nov

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Help us celebrate Giving Tuesday and protect, preserve and continue to improve our water resources in the beautiful Glen Lake/ Crystal River Watershed.

By giving a gift to the Glen Lake Association, you will join friends, neighbors and the community to keep our lakes, streams and groundwater clean – today and for future generations.

 We invite you to support GLA’s Watershed Scientist position to ensure water quality by:

  •          providing ongoing testing and research
  •          preventing and removing invasive species from our waters
  •          educating our community on best management practices
  •          advocating for clean water with our partners and constituents

GLA’s 75th Anniversary Celebration is coming to a close at year’s end. But the need to protect our precious waters continues.

Click here to donate to GLA

Ways to get involved:

  •  Donate online on Giving Tuesday on the GLA website.
  •  Become a GLA member or volunteer.
  •  Donations are also welcome to our General Fund for operating expenses including invasive species research and the critically important boat wash program.

Your gift today will help fund GLA’s Watershed Scientist position into the future. 

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