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Help needed with merganser nests

Education, Get Involved April 27, 2017

  We need your help. The Glen Lake Association (GLA) is pleased to announce partnering in 2017 with Ron Reimink,…

Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Collection

Education, Get Involved April 20, 2017

Clean up your homestead SAFELY and take your hazardous waste and electronics to a responsible collection site. Download a list of…

Early March

Education March 9, 2017

Big Glen

Michigan Lakes and Streams conference

Education, Get Involved February 16, 2017

The Michigan Lake and Stream Association Annual Conference coming to Crystal Mountain in April. This is an opportunity to learn…

Glen Lake as a ‘buffer’

Education January 3, 2017

pH is measure of how acid (sour) or basic (sweet) our water is in our lakes, rivers, and streams. It…

Year End Highlights

Education, Get Involved December 6, 2016

With 2016 drawing to a close, we ask you to give consideration to the Glen Lake Association in your year-end…

Plankton from Lake to Lab

Education December 6, 2016

Plankton (microscopic free floating organisms) are a very important aspect of the ecology of the lakes within the Glen Lake/Crystal…

Water level basics

Education November 7, 2016

Ever wonder what determines the water level of Glen Lake and consequently the water flow in the Crystal River? If…

Stewardship Award Winners

Education, Get Involved November 1, 2016

Stewardship plays a critical and grassroots role for protecting the Glen Lake/Crystal River Watershed. Doing the right thing for the…

Register now for Discovery Boat 2017

Education, Get Involved October 27, 2016

Did you miss the 2016 Discovery Boat tours? If you would like to join us in 2017, please sign-up here…